Apparently I just celebrate every event by drawing a group shot now. THAT IS OKAY THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH OF ALL THESE DORKS TOGETHER. Given how much other stuff I have to do art-wise this is definitely me indulging myself because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY I WILL DRAW CONSUMING PICTURES IF I WAAAANT, and I do, so there.

To be honest, this is the only way I could really think of to spoil myself today. It may be perverse of me to have my year made by such a heartbreaker story, but thanks to a bunch of fictional dead French people and you actual living people who love them with me, I’ve never been happier. While I’ve got actual Leaving the House plans for later in the day, it’s this darn hacky website and all of you lovely people on it that have already made this the best year and the best birthday I can physically remember. I can either write a  full essay about how great this fandom’s been for me or just leave it here, so Fandom, I love you, and I hope you all do something great for yourselves today.

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    Oh I love this! Great experimentation on the colors:) Courfeyrac is always the center, of course and I love the cheery...
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  6. art-and-barricades said: HAPPY I-think-belated BIRTHDAY! I just want to shout nice things about the colors in this picture. Lavender Jehan is perfect. And Feuilly has red sparkles in his hair (or so I’ve decided) which for some reason makes me really happy.
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    Wonderful pic! I hope your Leaving the House plans went well!
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    The coloring in this is so beautiful and I love how every color seems to match an aspect of their personalities. :)...
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