HEY DARTHFAR HERE I wrecked your art for you!

My half of the art swap, and YEESH. In my own defense, folks, we were supposed to *finish* the picture the other person gave us, and this slice of POLISHED PERFECTION at the bottom is what Darth tossed at me. FINISH HOW, it’s already ten times tighter and more detailed than anything I’ve ever made?!? So I just broke it. IF YOU DIDN’T WANT LIGHTING EFFECTS AND TEXTURES YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID.

I did have an embarrassing amount of fun wrecking all those excellent lines, and now I’m even more determined to figure out something USEFUL to do with color, and it was inspirational as all get out to work with someone that many levels over my skill, but GEEZ.  Send me to gild lilies, why don’t you?;P