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what's omsb and what does it take be admitted?

OMSB is just a fandom joke-expletive (“Oh My Sweet Brick”) as far as I’m aware. I am not aware that the Brick admits or denies anyone! Brick!club, though, is a read/reread group of folks who are going to start discussing the book together as we go. As for how to gain admittance, well…Come off Anon!XD

  1. spooky-ninja-cyborgs said: HA I thought it was Oh My Supreme Being oops
  2. reconditarmonia said: I had no idea people used it for anything other than “Oh my Supreme Being!” Fascinating.
  3. sydneyflapper said: Another vote for “Oh My Supreme Being”! But I do rather like “Oh My Sweet Brick” as well :)
  4. amarguerite said: I think it might be/ might also be, “Oh my Supreme Being!” after the French Revolution’s cult of reason/ Enlightenment deist philosophy.
  5. berrysphase said: It’s Supreme Being, also! Being the enlightened!deist!anticlerical! coinage for god. But I like sweet brick better :)
  6. maedhrys said: I think it actually comes from “Oh my Supreme Being,” (substitute for oh my God) as a reference to the French Revolution proper. But “oh my sweet Brick” makes a great exclamation too!
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