EDS-related: Demanding Recognition of Awful Things is what Tumblr Is For, Right?

Some clever bendy type has put up a petition on the Whitehouse site to make Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome a recognized disabling condition!  For those who don’t know how the disability application process in the USA works— and I hope that’s most people— anyone applying first has to prove they have a disabling condition or two. *I* got in on the side effects of EDS, the arthritis and bad heart and nerve damage. But I’ve known people who straight up died of EDS, waiting on their approval process, because on its own it’s not considered disabling— and the nastier side effects can come up out of nowhere and rip a person’s insides apart in an awful literal way. Trying to live a ‘normal’ life, with the physical strain that entails, makes those lightning-strike effects rather more likely.

Having a recognized condition doesn’t make the process fast, or instantaneous, or even kind of guarantee an approval— but it makes a long complicated iffy process a little less complicated and iffy, and as such, can matter enormously to people pushing themselves to death to have a life their body can’t support. So go click a button, huh?