Anonymous asked:

tbh that les amis as cars posts makes me think of them more like as les amis as transformers and its kind of terrifying but hilarious


oh yeah, totally.  

especially considering some of the worldbuilding stuff i’ve learned about transformers society from my likes-robots-that-fuck-robots friend smallfreelancer

you could actually fairly easily have an au where the amis are a motley crew of transformers who failed in an uprising against that rigid caste system that cybertron has in all of the pre-war stuff.

and they wind up on earth and protect humanity from bad cybertronians and other alien menaces, all the while wishing they could come back home.

jehan i feel would be kind of like bumblebee and enjolras is definitely a seeker, but i’m not sure what kind of jet he’d turn into.  joly and bossuet’s alt mode would probably be some kind of combo thing or they’d be twins like sideswipe and sunstreaker.

and marius is a transformer who falls in love with a human woman and everyone is confused and mildly horrified for cosette’s sake.

(also claquesous as soundwave.  claquesous is definitely soundwave)



Hey all! Today marks the beginning of week 2, and we will be starting on 1.2 The Fall.

FAQ and Calendar for newcomers. :D

And another thing: do you all like the structure of reblogging everything on Sundays, or would you rather it was done as the pieces showed up? Following up on that, how do you want me to do the pieces that are late/for previous books? I was thinking of doing a reblog spree on Wednesdays. Thoughts?